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With contact sports like boxing, MMA fighting and Muay Thai, it is likely that you will face blows to the head. Therefore, it is essential that you equip yourself with the right boxing equipment, to reduce the risk of injuries including cuts, swelling, bruises, concussion and long-term brain damage.

Protect your head and face with our collection of martial arts headwear, which offers durability and will last you a long time.

Our boxing head guards are designed to protect your cheeks, ears, temples, forehead and top and sides of the head. The 100% leather material absorbs sweat and moisture, helping keep your face dry.

Capable of absorbing heavy-duty shocks, our grill head guard provides protection for the head, forehead, nose, chin, temples and ears. It is ideal for protection in the ring or during practice sessions.

Our nose head guard is specially designed to protect the nose and cheeks. The cushioning of the head guard reduces the impact of punches.

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