4Ft Rexnyl Punch Bag For MMA,Martial Arts, Kick Boxing Karate,Muay Thai,Jujitso

4ft New Rexnyl,Boxing,Punch Bag, Punchbag, Gloves, Wraps, Ceiling Hook

Comes with Sporteq Matching Fingerless Bag mitts Also with a 4 Strand Chainset.

  • 4ft Rexnyl Punching Bag Set
  • Concept Punchbag
  • Sorry Only In Black/White Left
  • Black/Red
  • Heavy Filled (Approx Weight 28 Kg)
  • Concept Punchbag  


    Normally the delivery by courier is free but for BT, Iv and special post codes you have to pay extra 10.00 Pounds at the time of checkout.

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