Boxing/Martial Arts Protective Face Gear Training- Grill Head Guard

Boxing/Martial Arts Protective Face

Full Headguard, Headgear Offering maximum coverage for your head, This Sporteq headguard covers your ears, jaw, temples, cheeks, chin and forehead not to mention the top, sides and back of your head.To say that protective headgear is necessary during sparring and practice is an understatement! We know you want quality and thats what these headguards give you. Still it is best to practice using safe and studied techniques. No headgear is a substitute for safety measures and common sense!

Also, we recommend that you wear a mouthguard. Be safe instead of sorry! Order products that have been tried and tested! Top of the line brands help to provide the safety assurance that you want during your workouts.

  • Avalable In Sizes Small / Medium / Large / X- Large   
  • Full Face Rex Leather Headguard
  • With Black Removeable PVC Mask
  • Great for boxing or martial arts training. 
  • It also incorporates a removeable Black Pvc Mask for use with contact sports training equipment.
  • Also Incorporates Air Pocket Ear Protection

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