Caberg Style DVS Full Face Oxide Motorbike Helmet

The motorbike equipment segment of Sporteq presents you with Oxide full face Raptor crash helmets that care intuitively those riders who keep safety as priority while moving on the road.  It is ECER 2205 certified.

The Helmets are safe, reliable with modern looks with style and soft interior feel fabric.  The Raptor helmet is a British brand that is proud to release a helmet with air pump for its commendable users. It checks and maintains even air pressure at all sides covering full face of the wearer.  The Raptor full face helmet can be custom fit by the rider.  Its "faces shield" effortless movement helps you immediately judge on and off roadside condition with ease. It protects your eyes and face form outer atmosphere.  

The Sporteq Oxide Raptor helmet has enough empty space for easy air flow and provides padding surface covering ears and the head. The Oxide Raptor helmet micrometric buckle and chin strap can be strapped or unstrapped from the buckle with ease even while maintaining perfect tension on the strap. Oxide Raptor helmets have dual visor system to allow excess fresh air flow and simultaneously protects the eyes and nose by shielding it with pre moulded removable breath deflector covering through injection moulded anti scratch 3D visor.  It comes with attached clear external visor and external tinted visors are available at additional purchases. The helmets maintain even temperature inside the helmet compartment with the help of dual rear exhausts providing excessive heat dissipation for head.  The Oxide Raptor helmets are the best helmets considering the air flow passage at forehead by applying its dual air filtration method on brow. Oxide Raptor helmets provide you with wonderful adjustable chin ventilation avoiding a suffocating feeling on your face and neck. The Raptor helmet comes with Glossy Black finish with different sizes for best fitting in accordance with the individual head size and shapes. It has safety first feature has made us build new PSI pump that comes with air pressure assisted air helmet fitting technology allowing the rider to custom fit the helmet by inflating the cheek pads with a small pump in the chin bar of the helmet. This aids the rider maintain high speeds without the fear of losing the intact helmet from its head through breakage or accidental removal of the strap or when there is an outside force impact exerted due to collision. It is one of the best features for male and female safety and security while moving on the roads.

  • Quick release buckle
  • Burning calories
  • Increase muscle strength and endurance
  • Conforms to the latest ECER 22.05 Standards

Type: Helmets

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