New Optimax IQ Motorbike / Car 12V Battery Charger

New Optimax IQ Motorbike / Car 12V Battery Charger


It tests the battery to establish if it is disulphated ie dead!

It recovers weak batteries where possible with a high voltage/low current that helps repair the battery cells

It charges at a higher constant current to restore the battery to starting capacity it then maintains the battery when fully charged

It resides in sleep mode until the battery voltage drops and charging is reinitiated

It can recover deeply discharged batteries (Not faulty ones)

It is 100% safe for continuous long term connection

Short circuit protection

Comes with sub harness that is fitted to your bike and a separate crocodile clip lead

Supplied with both fully insulated power connectors and battery terminal connectors

Key features for Optimax IQ Smart Chargers:

Fully automatic 3 stage battery Smart Chargers

Battery reconditioning

Can recondition or revive your battery from a deeply discharged condition.  

Rapid charge override

Multiple fast charge settings allows you to be up and running faster.

Remote battery check

Check the status and condition of your battery without the need for mains AC power. A convenient way to check if your battery is the problem without having to disconnect or look for a power source.

Suitable for most battery types

Charges most types of 12v lead  

Includes Waterproof Connector Cap For Harnace  

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