Oxide Flip Up, Dual Visor Motorbike.Motorcycle Helmet Gloss/Matt (Vader)

Oxide Flip Up, Dual Visor Motorbike.Motorcycle Helmet Matt

The Vader Helmets are designed for the riders of speedy motorbikes who relentlessly search for the helmets that can secure or fight calamities upfront when they are on their speed machines. The riders need tough, durable and stylish helmets that can withstand tested time of their mind and machine. 

Oxide Vader Helmets gladly presents you with some of the most astonishing features you can expect and think off.  It comes in two stunning colours of Gloss black and Matt black. Both types of helmets have four head sizes of small, medium, large and extra-large.

Oxide Vader Helmets are Flip Up unique in aero-design and support and safeguard the motorcycles rider with wind or noisy traffic at multiple levels. Our Helmets support the lowest drag coefficient of motorcycles and maintains optimum air inflow and out flow avoiding uneasy choking feel or suffocation inside the helmets. 

Oxide Vader Helmets fight noise pollution or ear deafened roars of throttles or horns by drastically reducing it while using for driving bikes on the busy traffic roads. 

Oxide Vader Helmets are lightweight and uses dual inner sun visor feature along with dual air filtration at forehead for free air passage. 

Oxide Vader Helmets use best thermoplastic polymers for designing custom polycarbonate injected shells that are nicely moulded and thermoformed aiding in enhancing optical properties for better vision on the road in dark or in excess light along with temperature resistance and works well in resisting impact at unexpected collision that impacts riders life and well-being. 

Oxide Vader Helmets have adjustable chin ventilation for ample inward air flow when you move at varied speeds. 

Oxide Vader Helmets dissipate heat using dual rear exhaust feature at the back head. 

Oxide Vader Helmets have secure and tough micrometric buckle for quick adjusting of chin strap and allows smooth feel with quick release and strap adjustment. It comes with pre moulded removable breath deflector assisting circulation of the breathing air.

The newest feature of Vader Helmets is that it comes with skin friendly anti allergic lining. They are full face crash Helmets have copious venting with quick release flip up injection moulded anti scratch 3D dual visor facility for better road vision for traffic signals, moving or stationery vehicles or other items on the road or off the road. 

The other advantage of Vader Helmets is that they have removable and washable lining system for easy care and hygiene from sweat or dirt, dust or other air borne infecting allergies or diseases. 

Oxide Vader Helmets comes with ECER- 22.05 euro-certification that checks compliance of a helmet on all performance standards before certifying it. This means you do not need trusting words from mouth rather be yourself assured for safety and security during collision or movement that otherwise impacts life. 

If you have safety first feeling than you know that Oxide Vader Helmets are critical instruments for safety while driving on the road. 

We go a step ahead and aspire that Oxide Vader Helmets is life insurance instrument and this insurance protects you only when you wear helmets while you get ready for driving. 

And with every purchase you make, do not forget to take Oxide Super carry dust bag for free.

Please note: Helmet comes attached with a Clear External Visor


The DVS is controlled by the latest side control system on the market.



Type: Helmets

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