Sporteq 4.5Ft 100% Brown Leather Triple Boxing Bag, Uppercut, Body,Punch Bag Set


UNIQUE SPORTEQ 100% Real Leather Bag - 30KG

Made from 100 % real leather this is an extremely strong body bag which will last you a lifetime of use.

This bag is the ideal aid for extreme uppercut and varied body hooking shots.

Also particularly suitable for "Round the body" workouts due to the additional 3rd bottom body section.

IDEAL for practising your kicking techniques.

Also used for Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts Training Exercises This bag comes pre-filled and ready to use Currently available in All Black Or All Brown


  • Set Includes the following
  • 4.5FT 100% Real Leather Triple Uppercut Body Bag 
  • Strand Chainset
  • Speed Skipping Rope
  • Heavy Duty Wall Bracket Inc Fittings
  • Car Gloves
  • Boxing Glove Keyrings
  • Hand Grips
  • Full Punch bag Boxing Gloves

    Tried and tested by professional trainers, this Sporteq Triple Concept Body-Bag will withstand any punishment you are likely to give it, without causing any harm to your wrist and knuckles due to a machine filled shock absorbing fleece compound utilized in its filling.


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