Sporteq Large Curved Strike Shield, Heavy Duty Thick Foam, Leg And Punch Pad

Sporteq Martial Arts Jumbo Curved Training Kick Shield, Punch Pad - Ying Yang and Simple

Sporteq Pre-Curved Martial Arts Kick Shield

A sturdy kick shield for martial arts training, the Sporteq Jumbo Curved Kick Shield offers a generous kicking target for the student, and secure handling for the coach.

Constructed from highly effective impact absorbing foam, with a durable, PU / Synthetic Leather outer layer, the Sporteq kick pad is designed to withstand the toughest kick training. 'Shock Gel' System disperses kicks strike pressure evenly around the pad.
Absorbed using Sporteq's unique 3 layer - high density UK produced, Fire Retardent Foam, This allows the student accelerated recovery and ready for the next kick. Toughened, woven, synthetic PU reinforced fabric has been used for the front section of the strike pad, adding another layer of durability and less slip on contact.

Package Contents

  • Padded kick shield from sporteq
  • Suitable for all Skill Level
  • Heavy Duty Kick Pad
  • Sturdy grips for coaches and training partners  
  • Perfect for Boxing and Coaches to withstand the toughest punches / kicks
  • Sold as a single unit
  • Dimensions  - Height: 27 x Width: 14 x Thickness: 5.5 Inches

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