Sporteq Pro Boxing Sparring Gloves, Premium MMA Training Glove 4 - 16oz

New Pair Kids Sporteq Sparring GLoves,Training Boxing,Martial Arts, 4oz/6oz/8oz

New Pair Sporteq Premium Sparring Gloves

New Kids Sporteq Sparring Gloves They Have a Distinctive Contempory Style Fitting And Velcro Strap Closure, Shock-absorbing, high-density foam core, suitable for children Injection Moulded to Produce a Perfectly Formed Profile Unique Internal Mesh Fabric Provides Air Conditioning In The Form Of Cool Air Providing Optimum Level Of Air Flow To Delicate Hands In Combat.
Sporteq Kids Sparring Gloves Conform To All Boxing Standards With A Thumb Attachment Designed To Hold The Thumb In An Optimum Fighting Position, Yet Keeping It Safe From Impact.
The Comfort Level When Wearing Sporteq Sparring Gloves Is Unparalleled. Providing A Snug Fit, And Even After Prolonged Use Your Hands Will Not Feel Cramped Or Tired 
4oz, 6oz, 8oz Are for Junior use
10oz - 16oz   Are for Senior use 

Type: Gloves

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