Sporteq Curved Kick Shield Strike Pad

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· SPORTEQ CURVED SHIELD PAD are thickly padded training tools used primarily as a target for a martial artist’s kicks. They are made from durable rex leather which is meant to withstand heavy blows.

· STRIKE SHIELD padding makes it extremely lightweight and easy to carry while practicing your moves.

· TRAINING PAD can be armed by easy to handle for sturdiness and snugness.

· USE of these pre-curved Martial Arts shield can be done during kicking, hook and jab, boxing, MMA, Thai boxing, kickboxing, boxercise, karate, etc.

· LARGE 69 x 36 x 14 cm shield is professionally manufactured to absorb punch and kicks, strikes and blows, hook and jabs over and over again, can significantly improve your training effect and well protect your partner.


9 in stock