Sporteq Heavy Filled Punchbag

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SPORTEQ BOXING PUNCH BAG is created to withstand a thorough workout with its anti-tear rex leather which gives the bag tremendous durability. This bag can be used outdoors.

 has an approx weight of 25 kg, more weight can be added later once the filling has settled during use.

BAG GLOVES are manufactured with high quality rex leather for long endurance. The glove is preformed and has extra padding around the knuckle area for extra protection during use.

DIFFERENT SIZES of heavy filled punch boxing bags are ideal for boxing, martial arts, kick boxing, sparring and even MMA. You can choose from 3ft, 4ft and 5ft height, provided with wall bracket and chains to complete your kit.

BOXING PUNCH BAG KIT SET includes a punch bag, wall bracket, chains, nut and bolts, boxing gloves, skipping rope, hand wraps, hand grips, mini hanging glove and a glove key chain. There is possibility to choose to buy it as a set or you can have different options to adore your home gym with our quality punch bag kit.


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