BBE Heavy Filled 3ft Punch Bag Set

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· BOXING TRAINING PUNCHING BAG. This BBE bag shell is extremely tough and resilient, yet economical.

· 3FT HEAVY FILLED BOXING BAG is ideal for the professional or home gym, as it is very robust, easy to install, and requires minimal height room.

· BENEFITS develop faster punches, aid in developing better footwork, develop accuracy in punches and kicks, develop better timing, works on your reflexes and reactions.

· LEATHER LOOK PUNCHING BAG is a staple part of any strikers training regime, equally as important as sparring, pad work and shadow boxing. As you are hitting the punching bag you are working on many different muscles to improve specific muscle memory automated striking techniques.

· PACKAGE includes full size pre-curved bag gloves to protect your hands from injury while punching,

4m long hand wraps to give the wrist more strength and support  to hit harder, and a ceiling hook bracket to attach it easily indoors or outdoors as required from a wooden beam or Boxing frame.


Out of stock