Sporteq Free Standing 5ft Punchbag & Gloves

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Ideal for those looking to improve their fitness, speed and stamina. The punch bags provide a great indoor workout, without having to screw into walls,

The bag gloves recommended, are ideal to use on these bags providing vital protection to your knuckle area.

· HEAVY DUTY BOXING BAG are used to develop striking power so it’s no surprise that the free standing punchbag is the No1, piece of training equipment used in amateur and professional boxing.

· FEATURES Rex leather upper, and a plastic base with suction cups for better stability,

The base can be filled with sand Or water to keep the punching bag secure and stable.

There is minimum bounce back so you can enjoy a solid workout kicking or punching


Target punching bag; the target height is 175cm (Including the Base) while the overall height of the target is 175cm . The diameter of the bag is 34cm.


A punching bag develops your fitness and stamina , while simultaneously toning most of the muscles in your body including the arms, legs, stomach and back. The punching bag is also known to be a great stress reducer for those who need channel their anger or frustration in a productive manner.

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