Boxing Leather Maize Bag, Sporteq Heavy Duty Uppercut Training, Filled, Inc Gloves

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· SPORTEQ MAIZE BAG has a unique design, and it used to improve your head (Bob & Weave) movement, it can also be used for building up your hooks and uppercut punch combinations.

· LEATHER MAIZE BAG is made from heavy duty leather filled with 20-25kg weight with reinforced 4 D rings with double strength straps for hanging them on the wall bracket.

· HEAVY DUTY MAIZE BAG ideal for defense protection. This tool is perfect for consummating ‘Bounce and Weave’ barrier procedures, and the hanging chain configuration influences them to space putting something aside for home or smaller gyms.

MAIZE BAG KIT has a pair of pro rex leather boxing gloves with chain set.


99 in stock