Round Smartie Pads, Sporteq Pair Focus Target Kickboxing Punching Training Mitts

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  • Sporteq round Thai smartie pads are made from matt finish material with multi layers to develop enhanced focus and solid punching abilities in fighters.
  • The focus smartie pads can withstand the most difficult and hard training sessions. The shock absorption technology disseminates the impact of force equally throughout the pad and reduces the risk of injury to the minimum.
  • They are specially designed to help trainers and coaches to work with fighters on their mobility, punch techniques and quick reflex training. With thick padding and heavy duty vinyl outer cover a variety of power punches, jabs, hooks, kicks, body shots and many other martial arts sessions can be practiced easily. 
  • The round pads can be best fitted on hand with two straps at the back. One can be held by and hand and other is adjustable to fit it on the wrist to lessen its mobility while training sessions.
  • These round pads are super lightweight and do not have any sharp edges or points. They be freely used by both men and women who love to indulge themselves in MMA training sessions. 


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