Sporteq 5ft Rex Heavy Filled Punch Bag Set

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· 5 FT HEAVY DUTY PUNCH BAG with 22 kg weight approximately helps you to practice punching with different intensities so that you can learn to control your movement and power.

· REX LEATHER BOXING BAG is durable enough to develop your speed by hitting as fast and hard as you can to find your own punching potential.

· BAG MITTS or training gloves offer protection against scrapes and contusions and lessen the transfer of impact forces into your body. This helps prevent injuries such as broken hands or bloody knuckles.

· HAND WRAPS are great to keep your hands safe. A hand wrap must cover your wrist, your knuckles, your thumb and in between your fingers.

· CEILING HOOK with steel swivel give the bag strength and balance to move in 360 degrees direction while hitting.


Out of stock