Barbell Squat Pad, Sporteq Neck Shoulder Protective Supports Weight Lifting Bar

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SAFE TO USE: Sporteq Foam Squat Pad remains securely fastened during lifts, providing excellent stability and balance. They fully support from squats to lunges and hip thrusts, nothing is too difficult with Sporteq Barbell Squat Pad.

UNIQUE DESIGN: Unique cutaway design helps to avoid unwanted pressure on the neck, spine or groin and allows you to add more protection to the places that need them. This barbell pad is designed for up most comfort, allows you to focus on your form without any pain.

REDUCES INJURY RISK:  Distributes weight & relieves painful pressure on your neck, shoulder or hips, allow you to perform the heaviest squats in comfort.

COMPOSITION: Premium, high density, thick and non slip durable foam sponge high density, thick and non-slip durable rubber-foam sponge absorbs shock and impact to reduces pain or injury.


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