Sporteq 5ft Heavy Filled Punchbag Set Red

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· 5 FT BOXING PUNCHING BAG other than growing effective punching and striking systems, the bag reinforces and conditions your bones and ligaments to withstand the power of affecting with an objective. The best part is that the punching pack creates wellness while at the same time conditioning the greater part of the muscles in your body including the arms, legs, stomach and back.

· SPORTEQ REXYNL PUNCHING BAG can be used to simulate a moving opponent. Punching accurately and with rhythm takes more.

· CEILING BOXING PUNCH BAGS hang freely with four strand chains and can swing freely in all directions 360 degrees around the bag instead of the stand-attached ones. The free-swinging bags allow you to move around with the bag and attack it as it moves.

· MARTIAL ARTS PUNCHING BAG is used by boxers, kick boxers, martial arts practitioners, Muay Thai fighters, self-defense students and others related sports and gym activities.

· FREE HANGING BOXING BAG comes along with matching durable boxing gloves which have high quality wide hook & loop fastening, with wall bracket, skipping rope, hand grips, mini hanging glove, key chain and hand wraps.


39 in stock