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•Made from Reinforced Leather Grain MAYA

All these bags have a shock absorbing layer to effectively protect against damage to both your wrist and elbow joints during use, and also makes for a great striking sensation. Filled with shock absorbing textile materials and a unique Fleece compound. Comes finished with hanging chains.

This bag is of extraordinary help for both the student at the novice level, and the Pro boxer who has accomplished some skill in standup boxing techniques. This maize bag like all our other punch bags, is an exceptionally indispensable item for fighters who are preparing in boxing, kickboxing, karate, MMA and hand to hand fighting in general. It is mainly utilized to rehearse uppercuts, and hook & Jab techniques.

The Uppercut bag is the traditional boxers bag, great for practicing combination punches. This punch bag will help develop your hooks and uppercuts, you can work around the bag during use, the thick stem helps to reduce “Swing” during heavy hard hitting punching shots.

This Unique bag is specially designed to simulate the body shape, and Is primarily used in MMA and heavy uppercut bag work, it improves your fitness and power level while training. and also improves your punch accuracy, you may also practice your high and low kicking techniques on this bag.

This hour glass design punchbag is the most widely used bag in the Gym, It allows combination uppercut shots with hook and jab techniques, great also for high Kicks into the Midriff. This is not a bag for the novice, it requires powershots to get the most out of it, Once used, you will never go back to a straight bag……ever!


  1. Maize bag – 2.5 ft high
  2. Tear Drop Bag – 3ft high
  3. Body Bag – 3.5ft High with 18″ Diameter
  4. Uppercut Bag- 4ft High with 18″ Diameter
  5. Triple Bag- 5ft High with 18″ Diameter
  6. 4ft & 5ft Straight Bags – Diameter 13″
    6ft Muay Tai Straight Bag – Diameter 15″ Diameter

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