Curved Focus Pads, Sporteq Pair Camouflage Hook & Jab Mitts Kick MMA Training

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· SPORTEQ BOXING FOCUS PADS are hand crafted, double stitched and are undeniable in quality too for  your practice sessions in camouflage covering.

· BOXING PADS are great for both coach and boxer to practice all the different types of attacking and defensive moves needed for boxing, martial arts, karate, MMA, hook and jab and all others.

· HOOK AND JAB PADS are light in weight with due to the extra thick triple layers. The pads have high shock absorbing foam with a durable rex leather shell.

· BOXING FOCUS PADS have ergonomically contoured hand compartment with full palm support for a great grip.

· HIT ME HARD FOCUS PADS help to increase hand and eye coordination with the full support and the ventilation holes evacuates heat and moisture and keep the hands relatively dry and cool.


100 in stock